LED Lighting Guide

LED Light bulbs

How many light bulbs have you bought since September 1, 2018?

Time flies and not many people record their light bulb consumption. The chances are you’ve bought fewer bulbs because that was when the EU-wide ban on importing and producing halogen bulbs came into place.

Shops are allowed to sell their old halogen stock – which is why you can still find them – and there are still specialist halogen bulbs in security lights, ovens and cooker hoods.

Yet it is the versatile LED bulb that is leading the way in efficiency, durability and versatility, too.

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Smart Renewables

Wind turbines

On Dec 8, 2019, an unprecedented 45% of UK power was generated by windfarms. At times the blustery weather created more power than was needed. This energy surplus meant some people with smart meters in their homes were paid to use electricity.

The national grid has to take advantage of these renewable supply booms so that excess energy isn’t wasted. Consumers, too, can benefit with lower bills and smart meters are at the heart of the answer.

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