How sustainable are drones?

Drones delivering packets

Drones – or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – offer a new way of seeing and interacting with the world we live in. Their increased numbers and presence, from people taking beach videos to states using them in war, often provoke strong opinions.

But what we’d like to know is, could this little machine revolutionise energy use amid our rapidly changing lifestyles, in an environmentally sustainable way?

How sustainable are drones?

Smart Renewables

Wind turbines

On Dec 8, 2019, an unprecedented 45% of UK power was generated by windfarms. At times the blustery weather created more power than was needed. This energy surplus meant some people with smart meters in their homes were paid to use electricity.

The national grid has to take advantage of these renewable supply booms so that excess energy isn’t wasted. Consumers, too, can benefit with lower bills and smart meters are at the heart of the answer.

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