Top 10 Cryptocurrency buzzwords for beginners

An imaginary Bitcoin on a virtual microchip board

Bitcoin has thrust cryptocurrencies into the mainstream conversation, alongside Blockchain, hackers and the dark web.

Cryptocurrencies like to sell themselves as the technological solution to financial and world ills, opening up the world to the unbanked. They offer people the chance to control their money, and not be in thrall to governments.

I’ve concentrated on my Top 10 Cryptocurrency buzzwords, based on how best to understand the concepts behind cryptocurrency.

Top 10 Blockchain buzzwords you need to know

An imaginary Bitcoin

Blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are exploding into mainstream news and consciousness.

The industries have seemed happy to cloak themselves in jargon and technical terms for years. Something similar happened with the birth of the internet.

There is much hype about Blockchain and cryptocurrency; people want to know more about this so-called world changer.

I’ve concentrated on my Top 10 Blockchain buzzwords, based on how best to understand the concepts behind Blockchain. Read more here (link opens in new window)

Good block, bad block: An Introduction to Blockchain

An imaginary Bitcoin

I’ve developed an all-encompassing interest in Blockchain technology; its potential, its pitfalls and its power.

I will be writing regularly on about my journey into this exciting world. My aim is to make Blockchain understood and accessible to everyone, covering everything from the basics to cryptocurrencies.

Read more in my introductory blog here. (link opens in new window).