Blockchain Bubble or Revolution?

Cover of Blockchain Bubble or Revolution? Book

Blockchain Bubble or Revolution?

By Neel Mehta, Adi Agashe, and Parth Detroja

Blockchain Bubble of Revolution? is an accessible starting point to the much-hyped and jargon-filled world of Blockchain.

The authors, Neel Mehta, Adi Agashe, and Parth Detroja, clarify this complex world with prescient metaphors and pared-back writing. Readers with no technical knowledge or experience of programming should leave the book with a grasp of Blockchain’s potential and pitfalls.

Real-world case studies lighten any weighty explanations, covering topics such as how Blockchain works to cryptocurrencies to world economics. Political implications of this new technology are also commented upon, giving the book some much-needed ballast against a Blockchain fan tendency to over-enthusiasm.

The reader’s hand is gently held as you are led through the foundation of Blockchain technology. It can take two or three readings to fully understand what is explained, especially if you have a non-mathematical mind like mine, and it’s worth persevering. Just as you think ‘No, too technical for me,’ then an amusing anecdote or statistic is spliced in, pepping up dry paragraphs. You also get useful reminders of theories and ideas throughout the book to reinforce essential points.

Bitcoin’s use of energy, helping the unbanked (people with no bank account) and Walmart’s supply chain are all mixed up in Blockchain. There are fascinating insights into how interconnected our world is right now and how much more it could be with Blockchain, too.

There is a thorough review of the potential downsides of both Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which is very refreshing. The book analyses the currency systems we use, weighing up the pros and cons in a balanced manner. The dabbling with philosophy and social ills are a welcome addition, showing the authors take the human element into account as well as the technological. 

The strength of the writing is how it successfully explains a complicated subject to an uninitiated readership. Some of the industry’s terms obfuscate relatively simple ideas, and a useful glossary helps to clear this up.

It does require a leap of faith to understand precisely why cryptocurrencies are worth anything at all. Reading about trust and fiat currencies helped to put this into perspective for me.

It’s true that we, the masses, may not need to know the ins and outs of all aspects of technology. Most people’s eyes mist over if you mention FTP protocol, we want to use the internet. It may be the same with Blockchain; show us how it makes our lives better. 

This book is not for Blockchain programmers or experts. It is a gentle introduction to a technology that may, or may not, have a significant impact on the world. I’d recommend reading it when you’re alert and not just before bedtime!

**** (4/5)

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